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Tridev Media is an online marketing company based in Plymouth with offices in Bristol and Bournemouth. We offer a different approach to website development, providing free website design Plymouth as part of our marketing packages. For the price of web development from any other plymouth agency we will also provide 6 months of marketing and charge a monthly fee. No high upfront costs and we take the risk.

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Make the most of your website with an SEO Strategy

Our Services

Web Development

All of our web design in Plymouth comes with a full design process. Modern and mobile responsive websites come as standard.

Search Engine Optimisation

Why have a website unless you want to use it as a Marketing tool. Our SEO packages come with a free web design Plymouth.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics is one of the most important aspects of online Marketing. We can show you exactly how well your website is performing using a range of tools.

E-commerce Solutions

Using the latest technologies to ensure a modern eCommerce shop front. anything from a fully customised development to Megento integration.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC is a great way to get quick income from Google. Our team can help you set up and manage your campaign to get the best ROI.

Social Media Management

From basic management to banner design and paid advertising. Tridev Media can help you increase brand awareness and traffic to your website.

Web design Tridev Media

Our Recent Projects

Free Website Review

Before approaching a company to provide you with website design in Plymouth do you understand exactly what would benefit your business? Our video reviews will explain what is needed to improve your position in the search results and improve your conversions.

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Marketing Packages

As stated all of our marketing clients get free website design and development on a minimum 6 month contract. We are confident that after that period you will carry on using our services, benefiting from the leads we bring you from your website.

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Education Area

If you would like to find some additional information about SEO and online marketing please visit our educational area. You will find the benefits of SEO how we work with our clients and what would benefit you in a world where the internet is king.

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More information about Tridev Media

Web design Plymouth

When looking for a plymouth business to provide you with web design services there are a number of things you really need to ensure are taken care of. Below you will find everything your business should be thinking about before making, what should be one of the most important decisions you are going to make online:


You need to work with a company who will help you through the design process. our web design in Plymouth will ensure that not only do you have a website that looks better than your competitors buts converts your visitors into new customers or clients. A common mistake business owners make is to think that just because their website looks good it will work effectively. Your website design needs to have a marketing focus to ensure this process is taken care of.


Mobile friendly design

Statistically it is more likely that people will visit your website from a mobile or tablet than a desktop computer. Ensure you work with a web design company who will take this into account. You would be shocked at the amount of website design companies that dont even have a mobile friendly website themselves!

The who why and what…

ensure that when a potential client or customer visits your website you are telling them who your target customer is, why you can help them and what makes you better than your competitors. It sounds very basic but when you arrive to a website looking for something and are confronted by a large image with no content are you likely to look through the website or just leave and find another?

Also think about the pages on your website that people are likely to visit. The biggest mistake is to presume people will land on your home page first when realistically when they come from Google or Social media it could be any page targeting a certain product or service.


Visibility and the search engines

One of the most important aspect of your website is deciding how you are going to utilise it to grow your business. Are you going to concentrate on SEO, PPC or Social media marketing? this will effect how you design your website and what content you put on every page. Our Plymouth website design will include a detailed keyword analysis to ensure you are targeting the products or services  you need to, to the local or national areas people will be looking to find you.

Free website design with a marketing package

Here at Tridev Media we do things a little different. One of the biggest problems for local Plymouth businesses is the fact they cant afford a new website and marketing at the same time. Most of our competitors in the local area will charge upwards of £2000 for a new website. What if we told you we would provide that for free? and let you concentrate your valuable income on your marketing instead?

For more information about our marketing packages or Website design Plymouth please contact us on 01752 358 563

Websites Designed for SEO

Websites Designed For SEO

When choosing a plymouth web design company you need to take into account what you want your website for? Web design has  changed with the growth of the internet. Gone are the days of pressured sales and cold calling. You need to allow your potential customers to find you and let them decide if they want to use your services. A Marketing company like Tridev Media is the best solution. We have all the capabilities of a development company but we specialise in SEO and online Marketing. This ensures that regardless of whether you need just a website or a marketing package you will get a website fit for purpose, that will help grow your business, providing long term, consistent income.