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Newquay Web Design & Marketing

Welcome to Tridev Media, we provide bespoke online marketing and website design Newquay and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in the level of service we provide our clients and are transparent in out approach to SEO. Our flagship SEO service includes free website design and development. Unlike any other marketing company in the UK we provide our clients with the website design free of charge.

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Our Services

Web Development

Our web design in Newquay will provide you with a responsive, modern and easy to use website to help convert your visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Web design is best paired with a professional SEO service pushing your website up to the top of the local or national search results

Advanced Analytics and Insights

To ensure you get the best from your SEO strategy we provide a detailed monthly report detailing everything we are doing with video tutorials.

E-commerce Solutions

Our  web developers are fully trained to use a range of software enabling us to build all types of Websites. We generally use Magento for E-commerce projects.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Looking for a quick injection of visibility and leads from Google? Our PPC includes advance research and analytics to help you perform.

Social Media Management

Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness and increase visitors to your website. Our team can help manage or run your accounts.

Web design Tridev Media

Our Recent Projects

Free Website Review

If you already have a website why not let us review it for you? We will look into ways you can improve the conversion rate of your visitors and what you can do to improve your position in the search results. All of this will be provided in an MP4 video so you can go over it at your leisure.

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Marketing Packages

If you are just looking for website design in Newquay have you ever thought about the possibility of SEO and online marketing? We have packages to suit any size business and work with local, national and eCommerce brands all over the South West of England and Wales.

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Education Area

If you are new to online marketing and wish to find more information. Please visit our education area where you can find information on how to improve your website, SEO tactics and the methods we use to rank our clients websites. We have a mix of articles and Videos.

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Our Development process

Development and Website Design Newquay


The Design Process

The designer that visits you in the first design meeting  in Newquay will be responsible for designing the look and feel to the website. The structure of each page, colours, fonts will all be discussed with yourself as well as things like the header, navigation system and the content areas. This is a very important aspect of your website and also the time that we will discuss aspects of your website that well help you with Search engine optimisation and converting your visitors into customers. The whole point of this process is to discuss with you what you want from your website, what aspects of your business you wish to target and integrate all of that into a website structure that looks great from your perspective yet is functional, responsible and able to help you grow your business. We will also use this time to talk to you about content for the website such as images, videos and text and any technical implementations such as live feeds, online booking systems etc etc.

This process typically takes two weeks depending on the size of the project but can sometime be achieved in a lot less time. During this period you will have two meetings with a Newquay web designer, one at the start and one at the end of the process and in the final meeting you will be provided with either wire frames of the layout or a full colour illustration of each page again depending on the budget and type of website you require.


Development Process

After we have all agreed on the design of the website we will move onto the development process. This involves 3 main areas:

1 – In the first week we will develop the web designs agreed with you in the design process. The top level pages will be created and sent to you in a full length PDF file or on a development server, so you can see exactly what is going to look like. Typically this process will take a week but again, this will depend on the size of the project.

2 – The technical implementation will come next. If you are for example an estate agent and need a property feed integrated into the website this will be the time we get this completed and by the end of this process the website should be coming to life with any technical details being taken care. During the process we can also gather your views on the initial designs in stage 1 of the development and make any changes if necessary. This process normally takes a week to deliver depending on the project.

3 – The final stage of the development process will be to develop the secondary pages to your website which would include any blogs that might need moving over from your old site. Other information pages that compliment the top level pages. By the end of this process the website should be looking almost finished and will just need polishing off and adding any additional content.


Content Development

Depending on the project we work with some great copywriters and photographers all over the Devon area. If you dont have any content and would like it completed for you at a professional level we can get that completed for you at an extra cost. Otherwise if you already have content from an old website that can be used in its stead.

The average time it takes our team to develop a website is 28 days. That is of course for an average website and that time can increase depending on any technical aspects you require and the size of your website.


For more information about our Web design in Newquay please contact us on 01752 358 563

Websites Designed for SEO

 How Does our Free website deal work?

If you go to any other marketing company they will charge you for the website design and development first and then charge a monthly fee for SEO and online marketing services. For a professionally designed website from a reliable design company will cost you £2000+ add the marketing on top of that and you are looking at money alot of small business cant afford.

We work slightly differently, ensuring marketing is available to all. Our basic marketing packages normally start at around £400pm, although the quote we give you will generally depend on the type of business you have and how competitive it is. Obviously our Newquay web design services will be free as part of the package and we are that confident in our ability to rank websites we are positive you will stay on after the minimum 6 month period which is when we start seeing our main profit. In a nutshell we will start making money from you when you are making money from Google.

For more information about our website design Newquay please contact us on 01752 358 563