Using SEO to invest in what could be your business’ most valuable asset

So how much is your website worth?

Most businesses don’t think about their website in any other way than it gives information to people who are looking for their services. Those with a bit more knowledge will be able to converse about SEO and how you can use your website to fuel your business with leads. Both are true but have you ever thought about the worth of your website and how much it could influence the value of your business?

Let’s say that your plan is to sell your business in 5 years’ time. You purchased your website for £1000 but haven’t really spent any time turning that site into a valuable asset. When you come to sell your business the value of the website will have depreciated to nothing due to how quickly web development changes, realistically if your website is 5 years old it is very outdated. When your business is valued your website brings nothing to the party.

Alternatively what if your website has been kept modern for the 5 year period and you have completed a serious SEO strategy building links to your site, increasing its position in the search engine and at the end of the 5 year period your website is bringing in £20,000pcm of income to your business? How much is it worth then?


Two examples

If you were to look into buying a website that is already bringing in a monthly income you would expect to pay between 1-2 times its annual income to buy it. For the sake of our example that would be between £240,000 and £280,000 worth of website that would be valued when you sold your business.

Think about all of the other marketing strategies that are out there. Email marketing, social media, pay-per-click, television, radio, magazines, word of mouth. They all help you get sales and increase your brand awareness but could you say they are adding actual value to your business? When you come to get your website valued will the hundreds of email marketing campaigns you have run make any difference to the actual net worth of your business? I’m happy to put my neck on the line and say no.

So not only is the SEO you are doing helping you increase your bottom line and pay the bills each month you are investing in your future. No other marketing strategy allows you to actually invest in an asset to your business like SEO does.

So how does that look against our services?

Tridev Media has a range of services and we don’t like to put a price on our packages due to the difference in costs per client depending on how competitive their market is. Let’s say that our average cost is £600pcm. That includes a free modern website and we will also ensure it is modernised throughout the 5 year period you work with us. Over the 5 year period you would pay us £36,000. Now obviously over that period we would earn you way way WAY more than that, otherwise we wouldn’t have any clients! But when you think about it it’s not just that income you have benefited from, we have also increased the value of your business dramatically!

So when it comes to choosing the type of marketing you are going to use to fuel your business it’s worth thinking about the long term benefits of SEO.

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