How do you ensure you’re in the Google search results for every area you offer your services to?

Geo targeted landing pages

If you are a business that covers more than one area, it is important that you target these locations on your website. A lot of sites we come across only target the city they are based in and that means they are missing out on a large amount of traffic.

Why do we need to target more than one location?

  • You will be able to advertise on Google in every area you provide your services.
  • The more areas you cover, the more traffic you are likely to get.
  • Its a relatively easy process that doesn’t take long to implement.



Taking things further

If you look at the image about chimney repairs you will notice in the red box is one of our clients. In Plymouth they are ranking number one in the organic results and in Exeter they are sixth. As an on going process we will build landing pages for each one of their services in every area they cover. This provides numerous benefits to your website. Firstly, you are able to increase the amount of landing pages you have on your site, which will inevitably increase the chance of getting leads. Secondly, you are constantly adding content, which Google will be happy to see.

Local landing pages along with internal linking and link building is a very effective way to enable potential customers to find your website.

Continue reading below to find out our seven top tips for local landing pages.

Chimney repair Plymouth

MPC local results 3

Chimney repair Exeter

MPC local results Exeter

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7 top tips for local landing pages

  1. Duplicate Content – Although Google doesn’t have a penalty for duplicate content at the moment, it will have an effect on the ranking potential of a web page. Ensure all your webpages have unique content to allow them to rank.
  2. Page Title – Ensure the keyword including the location you are targeting is in the page title of each landing page you create. Using the example above you would use chimney repair Plymouth, Chimney repair Exeter etc.
  3. Optimise All of Your Images – Google can’t see an image, so it relies on the ALT text to find out what its about. Ensure you use a range of your targeted keywords in the ALT text of your images.
  4. Try and Use Variations of Your Main Keyword Throughout The Page. This will help you come up in other searches people use. Chimney repair in Plymouth, Plymouth chimney repair etc. Try and use your main keyword in the first paragraph of the page.
  5. Don’t Fill Your Webpages With Keywords – The pages on your website need to read naturally to visitors and Google can also penalise you if you use your targeted keyword too many times.
  6. 300 words of content – Google will be looking for a decent amount of content on each page so try and aim for at least 300 words (remember no duplication!).
  7. Headings – Use your targeted keyword in the first title (H1 title) of the page.

These are are a few of the main on-site procedures that will help you rank on Google. At the end of the day, Google will need to see your pages are relevant to the local searches people are using.