Link building strategies – blogger outreach

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Ever heard of a Blogger?

I think we can safely say that online marketing is the best way to get more leads for your business and if you haven’t read our article that tells you why, it might be worth reading it first, following the link above. Most people have heard about SEO, social media, keywords etc. but what do you know about bloggers?

Bloggers are the PR department of the internet, writing about brands, giving reviews and generally talking about anything they find interesting on their website. Every business niche will have relevant bloggers writing daily content that would be relevant to their niche.


So how can they help?

Ok so Tridev Media owns a website and on our website we write about things that will likely help our clients understand what we actually do. It also helps us build an authority around the industry we are in, to prove we do actually know what we are talking about. We find bloggers exceptionally useful to our clients and so we are writing a long article on them. It would make sense to link to a good blogging site like terrysfabrics and thus that website has just received a contextual link from our domain. Great news for them as its the best type of link you can get and will help prove to Google that their website is popular. It also gives them a small chunk of PR as we have said that they are a top quality blogging site.

Turning a blogger into a PR and link building machine

What if your business had access to bloggers from all over the UK that write about relevant subjects to your business? It would open up a whole new world of PR opportunities and provide high quality back links that will improve your position in the search results. That’s where blogger outreach comes in.

Blogger outreach is the art of building relationships with popular bloggers who in turn will either publish content relevant to your business or allow you to write an article and publish it on their website.

The problem most businesses have is time. They don’t have the time to forge partnerships with these bloggers or write content and that’s where a company like Tridev Media comes in. We have access to thousands of bloggers in all types of niches that can provide you with high quality links to your website and PR. We are able to complete a thorough check on everybody we work with ensuring their website is top quality, looking at things like citation and trust flow to ensure our clients get a steady stream of links to compliment the other link building strategies they or we provide.

Text Content is King with underline and a ball pen aside.