How do I check if my website is mobile friendly (to Google)?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Why is a mobile friendly website important?

Technology is constantly improving which means that the internet, Google and mobile devices are constantly becoming easier to use, allowing users to search for services and products easily on a mobile device.

50% of local search results are now being viewed from a mobile device and your customers are now more likely than ever to contact you without even using a laptop of desktop computer. To ensure your website is working at its full potential, it is important your website is mobile responsive, especially in Google’s eyes.


So how do I check if my website is mobile responsive?

Thankfully Google has been nice enough to provide a simple tool to check if your website is mobile friendly. What will it check?

  • Google’s bots will need to be able to crawl CSS and JavaScript to pass its “mobile friendly” tests.
  • Mobile friendly websites will be determined at the webpage level so don’t just check the home page and assume the whole website is responsive.
  • Having a responsive design is not a benefit to ranking so don’t just check it on your own mobile.

You can check if your website is responsive by clicking this link


Commonly asked questions

I have a responsive website but I still failed the Google test” 

Unfortunately just because your website looks mobile responsive it doesn’t mean it is! Confused? Google will take into account a responsive design but it doesn’t use it to determine if your site is responsive or not. You can’t rely on just typing your web address into your mobile and having a look. Most sites will fail because of certain CSS and JavaScript files being blocked from ‘Googlebot’. I wont go into the finer detail but if your website relies heavily on these and they have a robots.txt file blocking them it will need to be sorted.

“My website is not optimised for mobiles, is there a short fix?” 

That will depend on how your website was developed in the first place. Hopefully it will just be the case that your viewport hasn’t been configured. This is a single line of text that basically tells the users device how to scale the web page he/she is on. Without this code, a mobile device will show the site as if it was using a desktop computer… not good!

“How long will it take Google to notice my site when its fixed?” 

The good news is Google’s test is very black and white. If you pass the test, the next time Google crawls your site the problem will be rectified immediately. All you have to do is fix the problem, make sure you pass the test at the top of this page and then submit a sitemap to Google and you are good to go!


What can you do?

If you have checked the Google test and have failed, don’t panic! We are more than happy to have a look for you and give you an honest analysis of your website… we will even analyse the rest of your site for you to make sure everything is running smoothly! It could be the case that its a small fix that can be implemented immediately. If not we can give you a number of options to make your website mobile friendly.


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