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E-Commerce Solutions

When a company is ready to elevate the sales of their products online our team at Tridev Media is ready to support them. We love helping companies transition their current sales on eBay and in-person to online eCommerce shops that our company building on their behalf. The first step is getting to know the products and people behind growing businesses. Use the numbers above and below to get in touch with a member of our team today!

We don’t expect our customers to have any eCommerce experience. We don’t expect our customers to understand the traits of good SEO. What we expect is to find customers who want to grow their brand and product from Hereford to the wider world. This doesn’t mean the company is large; we’re happy to help any size company with it’s shipping, accounts, and online inventory management.
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Modern and Functional E commerce Website Design

We recognise how important it is to work closely with our customers throughout the entire development process. This means that we communicate the development of a solid website. Our websites, like our relationships with our customers, are fully functional, easy-to-navigate, and modern. According to recent changes in Google’s algorithm search standards our websites are also mobile convertible. We know that 90% of our customer’s eCommerce activities take place on their websites. We aim to make these activities as easy as possible to complete!

Free Website With Every Marketing Package

Even the most beautiful website doesn’t have an impact if it’s not properly marketed online. For this reason we encourage our customers to care as much about SEO as our team by building completely free websites and then pricing affordable marketing packages. These packages might include eCommerce, or later integrate eCommerce,if this meets the unique needs of our customers. Marketing packages are provided as a monthly subscription; eCommerce are straightforward fixed costs.


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Pay Per Click Campaigns

We provide up-to-date pay per click services including paid search ads and alternative forms of PPC, such as social platform-based advertising.

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Advanced Analytics and Insights

our Hereford E commerce stores can be analysed by one of our analysts, helping you interpret our data, grow as a business and set new targets.

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Social Media Management

We will tailor your social media marketing strategy to your brand and audience, in addition to scheduling regular posts and updates.

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