The importance of trust and citation flows to your website

So what are they

Before we go over trust and citation flow you will probably find it useful to go over our article on domain authority as it will give you a brief idea about links and link profiles.

In short, trust and citation flow are two metrics used to calculate the quality of the links pointing to your website. As mentioned in the article on domain authority (DA), your link profile is a very important aspect when it comes to increasing your DA and improving your ranking in the search engines. So what specifically are they?

Citation Flow – as a metric tells you how important a web page or domain might be based on the amount of links that point to it. On its own its not very useful as it doesn’t tell you how relevant the links are or how trustworthy they are. That’s where trust flow comes in.

Trust Flow – a metric that tells you how trustworthy a web page or domain is based on the amount of trustworthy links that point to it. An important metric when you are looking at your link profile and deciding which links you might wish to remove.

What are you looking for?

Both metrics on their own aren’t very useful but used together you can find out a lot of information about the quality of your own website, your competitors and also the quality of the links you are getting on your website.

As you acquire more links, your citation flow will grow. if you have millions of links you will have a high citation flow, just like domain authority its marked out of 100.

Lets say you have a citation flow of 40/100, that shows you have a decent amount of links pointing to your website and if they are of good quality and if relevant you are likely to be getting a fair amount of traffic to your site. That is a big if though!

For the website to be of good quality with a citation flow of 40/100 it is important to have a trust flow in a similar position for example 36/100 would be great. Note that it will be hard to get the trust flow level of higher than your citation flow but the closer the better.

If your site has a Citation flow of 40/100 and a trust flow of 5/100 its a sure sign of a very poor link profile which will effect your DA and rank in Google.

trust and citation flow

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How do I improve my trust flow?

Improving your trust flow is one of the main targets we look at when providing link building services. Your citation flow will increase as you build links but it is vitally important that it doesn’t leave the trust flow behind. Ensure the links you get on your website are from relevant and quality websites. If you get poor links from a site ask for them to be removed and send a disavow file to Google as a last resort to ensure they are not taken into account.

Link Building we provide 

We have a number of ways to build links to clients sites either using content marketing, blogger outreach, infographics or news articles and also keep track of our clients’ citation and trust flows to ensure we are building top quality links. If you are looking to do link building yourself you can use software such as Majestic SEO that will track all of the relevant metrics but we will always be on hand if needed to talk you through the process.